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Counterfeit money ALERT


white female in white top in dollar general aisle

On February 20, 2019,  a WHITE FEMALE, wearing a white top, red pants and white boots entered the Dollar General Store in St. Joe.  While inside the store, the female selected an "Amazon" gift card valued at $150.00 and a "Green Dot Reloadable" gift card valued at $350.00.

The female walked to the counter and paid for the items with the denominations of fifty dollars notes, for a total of $500.00.  A short time later, the manager of the store realized that the notes were possibly fake.  The manager took the notes to the bank where it was determined that they were in fact counterfeit. 

A short time later, the same female entered the Dollar General Store in Leslie, and made a purchase using the same denominations that were used in the St. Joe incident.

A photo of the female person of interest is shown in this notification however, no description of her vehicle was captured.  If you know this person, please contact the Searcy County Sheriff's Department at 870-448-2340.

Sheriff Kenny Cassell

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