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Dive Team

Dive team operations include initiating search and recovery operations in underwater environments, locating and investigating underwater crime scenes, documenting and retrieving evidentiary items from the water, and assisting in the investigation of water related crimes. The dive team conducts both land and boat based operations in a variety of challenging bodies of water.

Many operations are in poor visibility and deep waters.  Due to these circumstances the team trains regularly, observes safety protocols, and seeks divers who feel both challenged and comfortable in situations normally avoided.  

The Searcy County Dive Team consists of : 


Tracy Whitaker, Craig Loggins, Anthony Fornes, Charlie Redline, Eric Owens, Ken Nelson, Mark Miller, Monte Smith, Billy Cordell, and Noel Mays



Ron Grinder, Alice McCutcheon, and Misti Collier


Members of dive team putting gear on Dive team boat out on the water Officer being interviewed on camera
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