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Local couple arrested on theft charges


cynthia gail deathrage grant deathrage

According to Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell, Searcy County Deputy Sgt. Kevin Trammell interviewed the complainant, who explained she had rented a  house to a relative and her relative's husband, Cynthia Deathrage and Grant Deathrage, and everyone agreed that certain items could be left in the house. Adams said those items included a Remington shotgun, 1994 Chevrolet pickup truck which was stored in a barn on the property, vinyl record collection, coffee maker, microwave, and a cook stove. The items were valued at $3,825.

On October 2, 2019, an arrest warrant was issued for Marshall couple, Cynthia Gail Deathrage and Grant Deathrage, for theft of property. The warrant was issued after the Searcy County Sheriff's Office received a call from a local resident, concerning the theft of a vehicle and firearm.

The complainant/victim also said the items were in the residence prior to the Deathrage's eviction due to non-payment of rent. Since the eviction, the items were removed from the residence and the Deathrages failed to provide a reason for the missing items.

On August 23, Tammell contacted a mechanic concerning the missing truck.  Deputy Trammell learned that the mechanic was familiar with the truck and had been contacted by the Deathrages months prior.  He also stated that the Deatherages asked him to remove the motor from the missing truck and place it in the current truck driven by the Deathrages. According to the mechanic, he was unaware that the truck was stolen. At the Deathrage's request, he towed the vehicle to his shop. Allegedly, the Deathrages told the mechanic he could have the body of the truck. After transferring the motor, the mechanic stated he took the body of the truck with the missing motor to a metal shop and sold it for scrap. Documentation collected by Trammell confirmed that the missing truck was the stolen truck that was sold for scrap metal.

During the course of the investigation, the Deathrages were interviewed by local law enforcement officials and both stated they had no knowledge of any of the property described in the complaint, but witness statements and documentation prove they were involved in the theft of the pickup truck.

On October 2, Cynthis and Grant Deathrage were arrested and transported to the Searcy County Jail without incident. Twentieth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Carol Crews and Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Fruahauf charged Cynthia and Grant Deathrage with theft of property of more than $1,000 but less than $5,000, which is a Class D felony.  Cynthia Gail Deatherage has also been charged with being a Habitual Offender, due to past history.

The Deathrages are currently being held in the Searcy County Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

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