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Disturbance leads to multiple arrests


Eric Keith Cruz Jordan Elizabeth Womble

Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell reported that a call to the Searcy County Dispatch department on October 30 concerning a domestic disturbance on Justice Road led to the arrest of Eric Keith Cruz and Jordan Elizabeth Womble.

According to Cassell, Searcy County Deputy Sgt. Kevin Trammell responded to the call and when he arrived at the scene was met at the door by Cruz. After Trammell explained that he was there to check on Womble's well-being, Cruz called her name, but she did not respond so Trammell stepped inside the residence. Cruz told Trammell that he did not invite him to enter his residence and asked Trammell to step back outside.

Trammell told Cruz again the he was there to check on Womble and called her name and she came out of the room where she had been waiting until law enforcement arrived. While Trammell talked with Womble, Cruz stepped outside to talk with officers from the Marshall Police Department and Searcy County Sheriff's Department.

Womble told Trammell that she and Cruz had been drinking and got into an argument. She stated that during the argument, Cruz was pushing her and forced her to get in a vehicle against her will. She said when Cruz went back in to the house she called 911.

Womble also told Trammell that Cruz was a violent person and there were guns in the house. She said after telling Cruz she had called the police, he told her to return to the house which she did and hid until law enforcement arrived.

Following the conversation with Womble, Trammell arrested Cruz for domestic battery and placed him in a law enforcement vehicle.

When Trammell and the other officers returned to the house to check the scene, they noticed several firearms in the house. After checking Womble and Cruz through the crime information system, Trammell learned that both were convicted felons and should not be in possession of or around any firearms.

While photographing the firearms, Trammell noticed that one of the firearms appeared to be altered. Womble told law enforcement that Cruz had ordered the parts online and had pieced together the weapon. Later, Cruz admitted that he had built the firearm.

When law enforcement officials checked out the scene in the bedroom where the struggle between Womble and Cruz had occurred, they could sees signs of a struggle. They also tested a glass case on the night stand that contained a glass smoking device. The Nartec field test kit used on the case tested positive for methamphetamine.

Womble and Cruz were arrested and transported to the Searcy County Detention Center. Cruz was charged with third degree domestic battery, Class A misdemeanor; possession of  a controlled substance, Methamphetamine, Class D felony; possession of drug paraphernalia, Class D felony; possession of a firearm by certain persons, Class B felony; and defacing a firearm, Class D felony.

Womble was charged with possession of  a controlled substance, Methamphetamine, Class D felony and possession of drug paraphernalia, Class D felony.

The duo remains in custody.

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