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California man arrested for false imprisonment


frankie carmody

On December 15, local law enforcement officials responded to a call concerning a female threatening suicide. When they arrived on the scene they found a woman secured with wire ties and screaming for help.

According to Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell, Searcy County Deputy Sgt. Kevin Trammell responded to the call on Watts Cemetery Road in Leslie along with Searcy County Deputy Joey Baysinger and Marshall K-9 Officer Sam Holliman. Cassell stated when the trio arrived at the residence, they were met outside by a man who identified himself as Frankie Carmody of Yuba City, California, who told officials that his girlfriend was threatening suicide so he "tied her up."

Inside the home, law enforcement found a female lying on the floor with her hands and feet bound behind her secured with white zip ties. The female told the officers that Carmody had tied her up and she had been bound for 1-2 days. She added during her captivity, she had not eaten but had received sips of water. She told authorities she had not threatened suicide and had no intention of hurting herself.

Trammell noticed bruises on the female's arms, wrists, ankles and across her chest area. In appearance, the injuries appeared to be from the restraints and being bound for an extended period of time.  After speaking with Carmody, officials learned he had several warrants out for his arrest from different agencies and was listed as an absconder with a search waiver on file. Carmody was taken in to custody at that time.

When authorities asked Carmody for his ID, he directed them to a blue tent on the back porch. In the tent, officials found two rifles and a shotgun. As a felon, Carmody is not allowed to possess firearms.  After clearing the scene, Carmody was transported to the Searcy County Detention Center by Deputy Baysinger and turned over to the jailer on duty. During the booking process, Carmody attempted to smuggle a Bic lighter, marijuana and smoking tobacco into the facility by hiding it in his body.

On December 16, Twentieth Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Carol Crews and Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Fruehauf charged Carmody with first degree false imprisonment, Class C felony; enhanced penalties as a habitual offender; possession of a controlled substance, Class A misdemeanor; possession of firearms by certain persons, Class D felony; and furnishing, possessing or using prohibited articles, Class C felony.
Carmody is currently being held in the Searcy County Detention Center on a $50,000.00 bond.

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