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Utilities Scam

Scams are again circulating in Searcy County.  Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell says that on more than occasion recently, unknown persons have contacted citizens and told them that their electric bill had not been paid, and their electricity was about to be shut off.

The scammers told the citizens that the only way their electricity would not be turned off, is if the customer would go to a local store and purchase a gift card.  After purchasing the gift card, the customer was to text, email or send the gift card information through electronic means in order to prevent the action.

Sheriff Cassell assures you that utility companies will not use these means to collect their payments.  If you fall victim to these scammers, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Publisher's Clearing House SCAM

Cassell also states that another scam circulating is Publisher's Clearing House.  These individuals will contact you via telephone or email and claim you have won an undisclosed amount of money.  They too will demand you to purchase gift cards and send them the information.  Cassell says " Don't fall for it." Contact law enforcement.

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