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Missouri couple arrested on drug charges


Missouri residents arrested on drug charges

  On Monday, December 30, two residents of Kansas City, Missouri were arrested in Marshall after Searcy County Deputy Joey Baysinger noticed their vehicle crossing the center line on more than one occasion. After stopping the vehicle at the intersection of Hwy. 65 and Hwy. 27, Baysinger saw two individuals, a male and female, in the vehicle.

  According to Searcy County Sheriff, Kenny Cassell, after approaching the vehicle, Baysinger asked the driver, Jose Martinez, for his driver's license. Since he had no license, he gave Baysinger a work ID. Baysinger noticed that Martinez was acting very nervous and also smelled alcohol coming from the vehicle. At that time, Baysinger asked for assistance from Marshall K9 Officer Sam Holliman.

  While waiting on the K9, Baysinger asked about the female passenger's, Juana Garcia, driver's license and was told she did not have one either. Garcia was asked to step out of the vehicle while Holliman conducted a free air sniff with his dog on the vehicle.

  After the K9 alerted on the vehicle, a search was conducted and officers found rolls of cash ($949) and a straw in a plastic bag. After using a NARCAN field test kit on the straw and bag, they tested positive for cocaine.

  Martinez and Garcia were arrested and transported to the Searcy County Detention Center for processing. Searcy County Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Fruehauf charged Martinez with drug paraphernalia, Class D felony; possession of a controlled substance, Class D felony and two traffic violation, no driver's license and driving left of center. Fruehauf charged Garcia with possession of drug paraphernalia, Class D felony and possession of a controlled substance.

  Searcy County Chief Deputy Dewayne Pierce stated that Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) was notified when the deputy made contact with Martinez and Garcia and have placed a hold on the pair since they are in the United State illegally.

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