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Inmate arrested following attack


Inmate arrested following attack


  On March 24, Searcy County Inmate Nicklous Parfish Pettry, age 25, was charged with assault after attacking a fellow Searcy County inmate.

  According to Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell, Pettry was being held in the same housing unit in the Searcy County Jail with inmate, Lawrence Walls. While conducting a security watch over the area, Detention Administrator Tracy Sutterfield and Detention Officer Blake Kelly saw Pettry leave his bunk and approach Walls, where he was setting.

  Without warning and without provocation, Pettry attacked Walls and began choking him. During the attack, Walls and Pettry fell from the cell bunk and Walls gained control over Pettry. Other inmates joined in and separated the two.

  Pettry was removed from the general population and placed in a holding cell. Pettry has numerous felony charges he is facing, prior to this incident. He was charged with aggravated assault, which is a Class D felony.

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