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Pursuit leads to arrests



  Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell reported on the morning of August 30, a Searcy County deputy conducted a traffic stop on a car bearing New Mexico license plates on Hwy. 65 near Leslie.

  After making contact with the driver of the vehicle, Robert David Lee Spackeen, age 33, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the deputy noticed he appeared nervous.

  After the deputy explained the reason for the stop, he asked for identification for the driver and the driver advised he did not have a license. The deputy also asked the passenger for identification but was told he had none. The deputy also noticed a car seat in the back seat that held a child around the age of one year. The deputy saw a plastic baggie in the front driver's side floor board by Spackeen's feet that looked to contain methamphetamine.

  The deputy asked Spackeen to step out of the vehicle and when he did not, the deputy opened the door to offer assistance. Spackeen then grabbed the door and began to fight with the deputy to shut it. At that time, Spackeen began driving away. The deputy immediately advised dispatch that Spackeen was fleeing the scene and began to pursue Spackeen's vehicle.

  The pursuit headed south on Hwy. 65 towards Van Buren County traveling at speeds up to 90 mph. When the pursuit entered Van Buren County, Spackeen turned onto a road and stuck his vehicle.

  At this time, the passenger, who was later identified as William Fay, age 32, of Los Lunas, New Mexico, left the vehicle and ran away on foot. The deputy asked Spackeen to step out of the vehicle, but instead Spackeen held up the young infant as a shield from law enforcement. Spackeen again left the scene in his vehicle driving at speeds up to 90 mph again.

  After passing Hwy. 110 in Van Buren County Spackeen's vehicle stalled on him, so he jumped out of the car. When the deputy instructed him to get on the ground, Spackeen grabbed the child using him as a shield once again. Spackeen ran into the woods and the deputy secured the scene and awaited backup.

  Searcy County Chief Deputy Dewayne Pierce arrived on scene and contacted the Arkansas Department of Corrections dog team and asked for assistance in apprehending the individuals.

  When the K-9 team arrived, they successfully located Spackeen and they also found the crystal like substance that the deputy had seen earlier on the floorboard of the vehicle. The K-9 team then went to the location where the passenger left the vehicle and entered the woods.

  While the deputy was transporting Spackeen to the Searcy County Detention Center, he was notified that the passenger, William Fay, had been apprehended.

  While waiting for the K-9 team, Pierce and the deputy a search of the vehicle and inside they located a glass smoking pipe with suspected meth residue. In the back seat by the baby seat there was .380 pistol with a round in the chamber and in the passenger floorboard there was a metal box and inside there were several needles one of which was loaded with liquid that field tested positive for heroine. Law enforcement also found a glass smoking pipe and two pair of hand cuffs and a black pair of leg shackles along with two pistol magazines that where loaded. Two digital scales were also located along with a green leafy substance that looked to be marijuana, a smoking bong device, two more digital scales and another needle.

  The infant was transported to an area hospital and then released to the Department of Human Services.

  On August 31, the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force received print outs of the individuals involved in this incident. After looking at photos of the two individuals it was noticed that one of the suspects was claiming to be a Lawrence David Casados with the date of birth 8/26/1966. From the booking photos it was determined that the man incarcerated looked to be in his late twenty's to early thirty's. Both Spackeen and Casados (Fay) were fingerprinted and the return on Casados returned as William Fay with the date of birth of 9/28/1988. Both Spackeen and Fay have felony criminal history and are not to be in possession of a firearm.

  Spackeen was charged with possession of methamphetamine with purpose to deliver; simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms; possession of SCH VI with purpose to deliver; possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of drug paraphernalia; felony fleeing; first degree endangering the welfare of a minor; reckless driving; defective equipment; driving on suspended license; possession of drug paraphernalia; and possession of SCH1 not meth or coke.

 Fay was charged with possession of firearm by certain person; simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms; possession of SCH VI with purpose to deliver; two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia; felony fleeing; possession of drug paraphernalia; and possession of SCH1 not meth or coke.

  Circuit Court Judge H.G. Foster found probable cause to bound both arrestees over to Circuit Court. Each received a bond of $500,000. Both are being held in the Searcy County Jail.

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