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Trio arrested on various drug charges


  While on patrol on the evening of November 1, Searcy County Deputy Joey Baysinger conducted a routine traffic stop on a car with a broken tail light that was traveling north on Hwy. 65.

  Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell reported when Baysinger stopped the vehicle at the intersection of Hwy. 65 and Hwy. 74, he noticed the car was occupied by multiple people. Baysinger approached the vehicle and asked the driver for his identification. While speaking with the driver, Baysinger noticed he appeared very nervous. He also noticed a male and a female under a blanket in the backseat of the car.

  At this time, Baysinger was assisted at the scene by Marshall Police Officer Sam Holliman.

  After running the driver's information through the crime information computer system, Baysinger learned the driver was 47 year old Jimmie Lee Kimbrell of Yellville. His passengers were identified as 35 year old Kyle Miller of Harrison, who had an arrest warrant issued by the Arkansas Board of Parole, and 35 year old Tressie Cain of Lead Hill.

  Baysinger immediately placed Miller under arrest and returned to the car and asked Kimbrell for permission to search his vehicle. During the search, law enforcement officials found a set of digital scales, two glass smoking pipes and several small plastic bags. The scales appeared to have a white crystal like substance on it and some of the plastic bags also contained the crystal like substance. Another container in the vehicle held more bags with a crystal like substance and a small white straw. All of the items above were located on the floorboard where Cain was seated.

  When Kimbrell was asked to remove the items in his pockets, law enforcement found a syringe with a liquid inside. After testing the liquid with a Nar Tech field test kit, it tested positive for crystal methamphetamine. Kimbrell also turned over a case that contained syringes, a metal spoon and more bags that had the crystal like substance inside them.

  Kimbell, Miller and Cain were transported to the Searcy County Detention Center where Kimbrell was charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia; felony possession of meth or cocaine LT 2 GM; felony possession of meth or cocaine with purpose to deliver; and operating a vehicle with defective equipment. Miller was charged on his arrest warrant. Cain was charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia; felony possession of meth or cocaine LT 2 GM'; and possession of meth or cocaine with purpose to deliver.

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