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Hot Springs man arrested for drugs


According to Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell, a Hot Springs man was arrested in Searcy County on the morning of December 24 following a traffic stop for defective equipment.

According to Cassell, 39 year old Paul Anthony Haggard was stopped by a Searcy County deputy after he noticed a light out on Haggards's car. When the deputy ran the tag number, he learned the tag did not belong to anything.

When the deputy pulled the vehicle over at Wade's in Leslie, he asked Haggard for his driver's license but Haggard was only in possession of was an Arkansas ID, which meant he should not be driving a vehicle. After running Haggard's information through the crime information computer, he learned Haggard had three arrest warrants. Haggard was placed under arrest at this time.

During a search of the vehicle, the deputy found a clear plastic bag that contained a crystal-like substance. After testing the substance with a Nar Tec Field Kit, it tested positive for crystal methamphetamine.

Haggard was told that an affidavit for his arrest would be furnished to the prosecuting attorney. Due to Covid restrictions, Haggard was released, but law enforcement learned that he had been found guilty of two felonies.

Haggard was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia, Class D felony; habitual offender; driving with no license; driving left of center; defective equipment; and fictitious tags

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