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Car accident leads to arrest


According to Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell, Searcy County deputies responded to the scene of a one vehicle accident at the sewer treatment plant in Leslie on January 3. Cassell said when they arrived on scene, they found a Cadillac SUV in a ditch and two people inside the vehicle, who were identified as the driver, Zennie L. Vasser, age 64, and Maurice L. Spicer, age 47, both of Topeka, Kansas.

When the deputy attempted to speak to the men about their well-being, Spicer said Vasser was driving the vehicle. When asked about his well-being, Vasser began moaning and stumbling as he tried to walk. Since Vasser did not respond to the deputy's question, EMS was dispatched to the scene.

While checking the vehicle for proof of insurance and registration, the deputy smelled the odor of marijuana inside the vehicle. After asking the driver if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, a search was performed of the vehicle and deputies located two glass pipes and a container that held a green leafy substance.

The deputies turned to Vasser and asked if he was will to submit to a narcotic's test, but he was uncooperative and continued to talk to himself and refuse to answer the deputy's questions. When the deputy began to run Vasser and Spicer's information through the crime information computer, Spicer began to stumble around and began yelling and howling at the moon. Spicer also acted erratic around the tow driver and his assistant. The deputy noticed Spicer was foaming from his mouth and nose and was screaming loudly and acting like he was going to strike the door of the tow vehicle.

When the deputy instructed Spicer to calm down, he turned towards the deputy and was screaming loudly and balling up his fist. The deputy told Spicer he was under arrest. When Spicer resisted, another deputy assisted placing him under arrest and he was transported to the Searcy County Detention Center where he was held for six hours before being released.

Spicer was arrested on several misdemeanor charges including possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule VI narcotic LT 4 oz., careless driving, resisting arrest - refusal to submit to arrest and disorderly conduct.

Vasser was arrested for misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule VI narcotic LT 4 oz. and careless driving.

Both Spicer and Vasser are scheduled to appear in the Searcy County District Court on March 9 at 9:00 a.m. to answer the charges filed against them.

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