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SCSO in need of pet foster homes


  Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell needs community-minded volunteers to foster pets who are involved in certain situations and left abandoned. Cassell said most of these animals just need a short-term place to stay.

  Cassell and Searcy County Chief Deputy Dewayne Pierce explained their office is being faced with this situation more and more frequently. In most cases, the pet involved requires assistance until their owner can take them home again or in some cases a new permanent home can be secured. Cassell said these animals find themselves alone after they become separated from their owner due to death, fire or arrest.

  Pierce explained that more and more pets are being placed in jeopardy because their owner was arrested or died and the sheriff's office has no place to house the pet. "It is becoming more and more frequent that pets are involved when their owner is arrested. Sometimes the local shelter is able to assist us, but many times they cannot because of space limitations, breed restriction or illness. We currently have a cat housed in a crate in the sheriff's office, because we have no place to take it. This is really unfair and hard on the already stressed animal," Pierce said.

  Although there is no law that requires the sheriff's office to take in these animals, the sheriff's office has a responsibility to protect the property of these individuals. "Helping these animals is just the right and humane thing to do. No one at the sheriff's office is going to leave an animal in a locked car to be towed away or let the animal loose and unattended," Cassell said.

  Pierce also explained the foster home would not have direct contact with the pet owner. "Someone with the sheriff's office would deliver the pet to the foster home and pick it up when it is ready to be returned to the owner. This allows privacy for the foster home and gives the animal the opportunity to be cared for in a healthy environment," Pierce said.

  "We know there a lot of good folks out there that might be willing to help with some of these animals. We hope if they have questions or concerns, they would be willing to work with us to help these animals during a time crisis," Cassell added.

  If you would be interested in serving as a pet foster home, you are asked to call the Searcy County Sheriff's Office at 870-448-2340 and leave your name and number. 

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