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Search leads to drug arrest


Sheriff Kenny Cassell states that on June 8, agents with the 20th Judicial Drug Task Force along with deputies of the Searcy County Sheriff's Office and Marshall Police Department executed a search warrant at 604 East Main Street in Marshall.

After arriving at the residence, law enforcement officials cleared the residence and began the search. In the bedroom belonging to 51 year-old Daryl Day Miller, officers found numerous bags and containers of suspected marijuana throughout the bedroom. Also located in Miller's bedroom were several glass smoking devices with burnt residue, two sets of scales with green vegetable residue and packaging material such as Ziploc bags, sandwich bags and rubber containers. Laying on the bed in the bedroom belonging to Miller was a priority mailing box that was addressed to D. Miller at 608 East Main Street. Inside the box were five hard plastic containers that is believed to contain edible chocolate marijuana candies.

Miller, who had been arrested earlier on a warrant was at the Searcy County Detention Center.  While there, he was interviewed by an agent of the 20th Judicial Drug Task Force. During the interview, Miller told law enforcement that he sells marijuana occasionally to "support his habit."

Following the interview, Miller was charged with numerous narcotic offenses, Felony and Misdemeanor.

20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Carol Crews assigned agents from the drug task force to assist Searcy County in this case.

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