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Domestic dispute leads to arrest


According to Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell, a call for a welfare check at a residence on Endurance Road ended in the arrested of 51 year old Brady Lee Horton of Marshall.


According to Cassell, the arrest occurred after his office received a call from a woman requesting a welfare check on two elderly individuals, because she was fearful for the older couple since Horton was upset and acting irrational due to a dispute with a female.


When a Searcy County Deputy arrived on scene, Horton came out to his patrol car as asked the deputy why he was there. The deputy stated he was there to conduct a welfare check on his parents. At the same time, the woman who was involved in the dispute with Horton came out of the house and Horton began to "scream and yell" at her and threatened her.


While speaking with Horton, the deputy picked up the smell alcohol on his breath. He and Horton then entered the residence to check on the older couple. When Horton made contact with the older woman, he began to raise his voice at her. When asked to lower his voice, Horton became agitated and began threatening the deputy.  Horton was handcuffed and detained.


After other units arrived, Horton was transported to the Searcy County Detention Center where was charged with felony terroristic threatening; misdemeanor terrorist threatening; and being a habitual offender.

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