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Everton man arrested for drinking in public


According to Searcy County Sheriff Kenny Cassell, 18 year old Augustus Miller of Everton, was arrested on February 4 after he was found asleep on the steering wheel of his vehicle during an active snow storm.

  Cassell said the arrest occurred after Searcy County Deputy Joey Blankenship was called to Miller's truck that was parked on Hwy. 65 by an off duty park service ranger. The ranger told Blankenship the driver was asleep in his truck and would not wake up.

  When Baysinger arrived at the scene at Cave Road, he found Miller's truck halfway in the Hwy. 65 and halfway on the shoulder of the highway. Baysinger stated the highway was covered with snow and ice and the highway personal were working around the truck trying to clear the roadway.

  When Baysinger approached the vehicle, he saw Miller slumped over the center console and noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle. After Baysinger touched Miller's arm, Miller woke up and began to talk to Baysinger, who noticed Miller had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. Baysinger performed a sobriety test on Miller, who showed signs of impairment.

  Miller was charged with public intoxication and illegal parking on the highway and was turned over to his guardian.

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