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Trespass results in Felony Charge

Sheriff Kenny Cassell reports that on February 13, 2019, Deputies were called to a residence on Oxley Road, in Oxley.  According to the complainant, a female, later identified as Leah Lord, AKA: Leah Baker, had entered his residence without permission and was refusing to leave.  While inside the residence, Lord quoted bible scripture and stated she wasn't leaving. 

After arriving on scene, Lord was contacted by Deputy Trammell of the Sheriff's Department.  Leah Lord was arrested and transported to the Searcy County Detention Center.  After arriving at the detention center, and during the booking process, a baggy containing methamphetamine residue was located on the person of Lord.

Leah Lord has been charged with Criminal Trespass, a Class A Misdemeanor and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, a Class D Felony.  She is currently awaiting a first appearance in Searcy County Circuit Court.      

A person commits criminal trespass if he or she purposely enters or remains unlawfully in or upon:

(1) A vehicle of another person; or

(2) The premises owned or leased by another person.

A person who possesses drug paraphernalia with the purpose to use the drug paraphernalia to inject, ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce into the human body a controlled substance in violation of this chapter upon conviction is guilty of:

(1) A Class A misdemeanor; or

(2) A Class D felony if the controlled substance is methamphetamine or cocaine.

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